Thursday, August 23, 2012

Still on Fire

Worked on Fire, which is an accurate statement for so many reasons.
Defined the city skyline and darken the right side, added detail to the fire in the grate, began defining the warped pages of the burning book in the front. Keep adjusting the flames trying to gain transparency. That's the thing about fire; except for the part that's so bright that it registers on the eye as glare,  it's translucent.


There's plenty more to do: the metal of the grate, the edges of the pages of all the books and whatever I end up writing on them, more scumbling of smoke. The great thing is it's not fighting me, the way I felt the figurative paintings did. It's the difference between dancing with a willing partner, and having a date that turns into a fistfight. I'm so happy with the way this painting is behaving,  I'd give it a good night kiss.

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