Thursday, October 11, 2012

Candles, Books, Maps, & Feathers

Moving right along. Blocked in the upright books, and the creased and folded map.

Placed the book beneath the candelabra. It's actually a leather bound volume of poetry by Sir Walter Scott. The cover is patterned, and stamped with red and gold. It have a different title before I'm done with it.
I shaded the candles a bit and futzed around ineffectively with the maiden portrait. Then I plugged in the basic shapes of the three hawk feathers, which fall from the top right corner, under an arm of the candelabra. and just beneath and in front of the sword blade.

Down to the knight Tarot card, and the iron handles on the front of the chest. Once those are done, I begin again, first with the blue background, then the yellow drape and the wooden chest. The next layer of blue will make a striking difference, ditto the yellow drape. After that the detail work - veining on marble, the down on the shaft of the each feather, the pitted skin of the tangerine - will only be visible in a close up photo, though it will make me very happy.
Stars, pattern on the yellow drape, book titles, print on the tickets and all other writing goes on last.

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