Wednesday, October 10, 2012

textures in shadows

Today I painted texture into the road of LightGrid, mottled the shadows, and punched more darks into the tree.  And away went five hours.
I have two more weeks to get this done and dry enough to varnish properly. The sky needs one more round, the trees in the distance could use some subtle textures, and I need to crisp up the metal edges of the light grid frame.

Yesterday was spent painting the spines of the books on the commissioned still life, but the photo, snapped on the fly right before I placed it in my drying room, is blurry. I'll wait until my next round of work tomorrow, take another photo and post that. Probably I'll work on the book beneath the candles, and the three falling feathers. Once I do those and the Knight tarot card, I'll have paint on every part of the canvas.
Then the real work begins.

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